Portable radio measuring devices for diagnostics, tuning and repair of radio communications
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Universal measuring device for complex diagnostics of communication facilities RST - 430

In connection with the growth in the number of electronic devices and qualitative changes in devices in operation, hardware problems arise during routine maintenance and repair of electronic equipment (EE). A way out of this situation can be the creation of universal measuring devices that combine a number of functions of individual control tools without losing the quality and accuracy of measuring the parameters of the electronic equipment. The functioning of such a universal measuring device should be carried out using built-in control, monitoring and display systems based on microprocessors and microcontrollers with displaying the measurement results on a liquid crystal screen with recording the results in internal and external memory (on a flash card). The device must also have a communication channel with a personal computer via a standard interface (RS-232), through which the device can be controlled and the measurement results can be transmitted for display on the computer screen.

A representative of this class of measuring equipment is a universal, multifunctional portable device RST-430 for diagnostics of communication facilities, setting up communication facilities, setting up radio stations and monitoring electronic equipment. It is intended mainly for maintenance, repair work and tuning of radio stations of the first to third generations of the 100 ... 200 MHz range (and in the extended version - 1.8 ... 470 (470-527 MHz indicative) with angular (frequency, phase ) modulation (90-210 MHz with amplitude modulation) and output power up to 20 W. In addition, the RST-430 can be used to carry out similar work on household and industrial equipment.

The external view of the RST-430 device is shown in the photo, and its functional and technical characteristics are summarized in the table.

  1. liquid crystal graphic display;
  2. power on indicator;
  3. power button;
  4. CONTROL connector for connecting optional devices;
  5. EXT connector for connecting an external computer;
  6. AFIN connector - LF input of the device;
  7. AFOUT connector - LF output of the device;
  8. RFII connector - multifrequency generator output ("BRANCH" - on request);
  9. RFI connector - main RF input / output of the device;
  10. keyboard for 25 buttons.
The overall dimensions of the device are no more than 270x160x270 mm, and the weight is about 8 kg. Time of continuous operation of the device - not less than 8 hours, power consumption - not more than 20 VA.

According to the characteristics of the device, it can be seen that it is a functionally complete radio-technical mini-laboratory for carrying out routine, repair and adjustment work with electronic equipment, which needs to be completed with only a small amount of additional equipment, such as an oscilloscope and a multifunctional digital tester.

The area of application of the RST-430 device for working with household appliances is very significant, especially in the extended version. It allows you to carry out repair work on radiotelephones (43 ... 47 MHz range), tuning of Walkie-Toki and CB radio stations (27 ... 28 MHz range), radio receivers, audio amplifiers, etc.

On the basis of the RST-430 device, workplaces for tuners-regulators of repair sites and laboratories can be created in stationary and field conditions, it can be part of the equipment of field teams for the prevention and maintenance of electronic equipment in the field.

Various additional devices can be connected to the low-frequency path of the RST-430 device, for example, encoding and decoding (codecs), such as scramblers for cryptographic protection of the communication channel, which will allow the device to work with fourth-generation radio stations, or encoder-decoders of a complex stereo signal to work with the receiving household and professional transmitting equipment of VHF FM bands.

Thus, the multifunctional small-sized device RST-430 is competitive in the market of measuring equipment of Russian and foreign production in terms of price-quality-opportunity. ratio.