Portable radio measuring devices for diagnostics, tuning and repair of radio communications
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For Dealers
Company Kontour ETC looking for foreign dealers for sales of its equipment.

Because of extension of the sales market, we are looking for foreign dealers.

The "Kontour ETC" has been engaged in engineering and production of proprietary equipment since 2003. This equipment is designed for overall maintenance, quick tuning and repairs of communication devices, first of all radio stations — both portable and fixed.
Among the main advantages of our products can be distinguished the following:

  • Multifunctionality
Our equipment is capable of replacing a whole complex of instruments required for maintenance of communications equipment

  • Reliability
The instruments have high mechanical and electrical reliability due to the use of advanced materials and technologies

  • Mobility
Small size and weight make our equipment highly mobile and suitable for field use

  • Accuracy
The measurement precision is achieved by digital processing of signals

  • Price
A unique price/quality ratio. Other instruments with similar functionality are far more expensive

  • Warranty
The two-year service warranty is valid for all countries and performed on a prompt basis

Over 13 years our products have become widely recognized in Russia and earned much positive feedback from leading experts in communications from major companies like PJSC “Gazprom”, JSCo “RZD”, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo Airports and others.

We design and produce our instruments using our own resources and also provide their quick delivery. Our equipment is highly competitive and offers a good price/functionality ratio.

In view of the foregoing, we are confident that our devices are very attractive for buyers and with the proper level of promotion in foreign markets, the results are not long in coming.

In addition to the dealership, the following forms of cooperation is possible: license agreement, contract manufacturing and assembly plant. For more information please contact us