Portable radio measuring devices for diagnostics, tuning and repair of radio communications
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RST - 430 radio tester: accurate, convenient and mobile

The entire industry strives to create a product that is easy to use. Therefore, manufacturers try to offer on the market simple and affordable equipment to use while the vessel is in operation.
So the Novosibirsk company ETC "Kontur" has developed and produced a tester for the repair and testing of radio navigation equipment, which deserves special attention due to the fact that it replaces a whole laboratory of eight large-sized devices.

About ITC "Kontur"
The company ETC "Kontur" is engaged in the production and supply of wearable instrumentation for diagnostics, adjustment and repair of communications. For this, the enterprise has its own production facilities with modern instrumentation, where products are assembled and adjusted. In the shipping industry, the main customers of the ETC "Kontur" are the Tuapse branch of Rosmorport, the Moscow Channel, Kamvodput, the Trade Port of Blagoveshchensk, the Lesosibirskiy Port and the Astrakhan shipyard, the Zvezdochka branch.
The list of manufactured products of ETC "Kontur" includes various digital combined devices, attenuators, amplifiers and testers, suitable not only for the marine and river industries, but also for the railway, aviation and metallurgical industries.
It is noteworthy that the specialists of the ETC "Kontur" always keep in touch with their customers and collect feedback, which allows them to quickly and efficiently modernize products and improve the capabilities of equipment.

Radiocommunication service tester RST - 430
A similar device is intended for the maintenance and repair of radio stations with frequency and amplitude modulation, which operate in HF-VHF ranges. According to the list of customers of the ETC "Kontur" enterprise, it becomes clear that the tester is in demand in ship repair, shipping and in the work of ports.
RST-430 combines 8 different devices at once, by means of which you can check the status of radio equipment from 1.6-470 MHz at any time. The tester itself measures 264x150x247 mm and weighs only 4 kg. And the device is carried in a special case.
The tester simultaneously performs the functions of HF and LF - generators, frequency counter, power meter, transmitter test load, modulation meter, nonlinear distortion meter, AC voltmeter and oscilloscope.

What does it measure
The device is capable of measuring the carrier power, frequency, deviation, sensitivity of the modulation input, as well as the nonlinear distortion factor of the modulation characteristics (including the SINAD method) of the transmitter. In addition, the RST-430 can measure the sensitivity, output voltage, selectivity, the nonlinear distortion factor and the threshold of the receiver noise suppressor.

What is good about RST - 430
In general, the RST-430 tester is the only device of this kind in Russia that has no domestic analogues. There are similar testers in the world, but their price fluctuates at the level of 60 thousand dollars, although at the same time they have wider functionality that is not always in demand.
The work has the ability to save the measurement results. The device operates both from a 220 V network and from a battery; low consumption current allows the battery to be recharged from solar panels.

Andrey ROGOZHNIKOV, radio engineer of the "Lesosibirsk port":
«Cooperation with "ETC Kontur" began with the purchase of the RST-430 tester by our company about 4 years ago. During this time, the device has never failed in operation, providing up-to-date information on the measurement of radio navigation equipment.
Motor ships regularly come to us along the Yenisei for testing and verification of radio navigation equipment.
Therefore, the tester is always in operation. It is accurate, comfortable and very convenient to carry with you on board. An important advantage I consider a completely Russian-language interface, which is very easy to understand».