Portable radio measuring devices for diagnostics, tuning and repair of radio communications
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Reviews on operation of RST - 430
  • Person responsible for metrological provision Shmakova L.D.
    In 2013, Yekaterinburg Air Traffic Service Centre "Ural Air Navigation" purchased a radio-communication service tester RST-430. The tester was necessary for measurement of parameters and VHF setting of radio stations. The tester can replace 9 radio measuring instruments, what reduces expenses for purchase of new devices by 4 times, a cost of calibration by 3 times. The tester is convenient for service of radio stations at remote sites in other cities and in the field environment, as there is no need to carry 9 radio measuring instruments during a business trip; one RST-430 is enough.

    Reliability, failure-free performance and ease in operation have been proved for 3 years of operation of RST-430.

    I thank the developers of LLC ETC "Kontour" for RST-430.
  • Electromechanician Gargaev Vyacheslav Nikolaevich
    (Sakhalin Railway)
    I work as an electromechanician at the Russian Railways. I have been using the RST-430 device intensively for check of radio stations for one year.
    Thank you for the device, it is excellent.
  • Chief metrologist O.V. Sergeev
    The "Western Siberia Air Navigation" branch of the FSUE "State ATM Corporation"
    The RST-430 devices have been purchased regularly since 2007. At the present time (2014), 8 devices are in operation. 

    RST-430 is one of base devices for the enterprise and its subdivisions.

    Advantages: compact, multifunctional, reliable The producer constantly improves accuracy, reliability and ease of the interface of the item.
  • Chief of the department of radio communication of the Directorate on communication I.I. Poplavsky
    Novolipetsk Steel
    RST-430 devices have been in operation since 2012.

    The devices on functional capabilities satisfy completely.

    The recommendation is to make the interface of the device easier.
  • Chief electromechanician of radio communication of the South Urals Railway V.V. Lysikov
    The device has been used for about 2 years.
    It was purchased purposefully for service of the analogue network of radio communication. There were devices to compare with: an analyser is in operation (...... ).
    I liked at once: the light weight, the Russian-language menu, nothing in excess in the menu of measurements for production purposes.
    Specificity of the device is various:
    • stationary use in conditions of a metering station,
    • visit of a site of remote installation of the radio electronic means,
    • control of the output power of the radio electronic means at a point of connection to an antenna on a mast.
    For this use the specified weight of 8 kg + accumulator of 2 kg are optimal.
    Mechanically reliable: it fell from the height of 3 metres into a "hard" snow bank and did not get scrapes.
    Electrically reliable: in the mode of HF generator a transmitter of 25 W was connected to it, the attenuator was not damaged.
    Reliability: very high.
    The only repair was performed when a signal of the HF generator had been lost. The repair was performed during a week, I do not regret a waste of time: in exchange for it the only defect was eliminated: measurement of deviation when sending a call lasting 2-4 sec.
    Advantages: the light weight, the menu for a basic user, all the parameters of analogue radio communication in "one case". The possibility of documentation of parameters in the Excel file.
    Disadvantages: not a single after repair.
  • Metrology engineer Yu.Ya. Pyatkov  Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
    The "Kamchatka Air Navigation" branch, which includes 11 divisions, centres and a range of service objects, has 10 sets of RST-430.

    The radio-communication service tester is needed by specialists of radio navigation, radiolocation and communication when performing technical maintenance and repair of radio equipment.

    It has the following advantages for one device:
    1. It measures output parameters of receivers and transmitters of a range of short waves using a FAD attenuator.
    2. It measures output parameters of transceivers of a VHF range in AM and FM modes.
    3. It has a possibility of measurement of output parameters at "points" of AUR (automatic unmanned radio repeater) with the voltage of 12 V.
    4. Accumulator rechargeable from a solar battery.
    5. Convenient package, reliability, small sizes and light weight. All this allows flying out with it into divisions and centres.
  • Chief power engineer A.L. Chernogor   "Eastern Siberia Air Navigation" Irkutsk
    One RST-430 replaces a complex of devices when checking radio stations.
  • Communication operators of Nizhnevartovsk GRES (State Regional Power Plant)
    The device is structurally compact, easy in operation; readings of measured parameters are easily read.

    I would like to emphasize reliability of the transportation hard case. You need not worry about safety of the device, handing it over as a luggage.

    Also the staff of the ETC "KONTOUR" company has made a favourable impression. In case of repair or other issues on work with the RST-430 device they always regard with favour and help, and which is not unimportant—as soon as possible.

    In general, as consumers of the products of the ETC "KONTOUR" company we are satisfied and wish its staff all the best—prosperity and further development.
The RST - 430 device won the recognition of radio communication specialists as a mobile, multifunctional and energy-efficient device for operational work with means of radio communication.

Favourable reviews of the item allowed the enterprise to participate in the International contest "The best products of Eurasia - Gemma" where the expert committee gave the device the highest score - 50 scores of 50.