Portable radio measuring devices for diagnostics, tuning and repair of radio communications
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ETC "Kontur": made in Russia

The Novosibirsk company ETC "Kontur" is one of those who actively participate in the process of technical progress, where the main components are two key concepts - "measurement and accuracy". And for those who embody these concepts as much as possible in production and science, the leading role is obvious.

There is one more important aspect in the company's work: import substitution. Now, in conditions of powerful pressure on our country and economy, it has become obvious that it is necessary to have our own industrial and research base, both from the point of view of security and from the point of view of development, including intellectual resources. The importance of import substitution is also evidenced by the fact of the high cost of measuring instruments. Our conversation with the engineer of the ETC "Kontur" V.A. Kryukov.
- Vladimir Adamovich, what can ETC "Kontur", first of all, offer to the market of measuring devices today?
- First of all, this is a radio communication service tester - RST-430. It is designed for the maintenance and repair of analog radio stations with frequency and amplitude modulation, operating in the frequency range up to 470 MHz. It is a multifunctional device for servicing communication facilities both in stationary and field conditions. Replaces seven stationary specialized devices such as HF generator, 1PM generator, power meter, etc.

Now we have one more device, a selective voltmeter - the SVG-5 generator, which is undergoing certification. It is also a multifunctional device operating in the frequency range from 300 Hz to 2.5 MHz. It includes a sinusoidal signal generator with single-ended and differential outputs, an rms voltmeter with single-ended and differential inputs, and a frequency counter. The voltmeter can operate in both wideband and narrowband modes with switchable bandwidths of 40 Hz, 100 Hz and 1.7 kHz. This will allow you to measure the harmonics of the distorted signal.

The instrument also has a spectrum analyzer and an oscilloscope for the specified frequency range as indicators. First of all, it is designed to work with the equipment of high-frequency communication channels of power divisions, but it can be used in other industries, where it is required to generate and measure a signal in the specified frequency range. An osciographic indicator is also available in the already mentioned RST-430 device.
- What other equipment can you offer your potential clients?
- At present, a device for measuring the standing wave ratio is being developed, following numerous requests and suggestions from consumers. It is intended for maintenance and repair of the antenna-feeder path of radio stations operating in the frequency range, like the RST-430 device. In fact, this is an additional function to this device, which is structurally a separate device with autonomous power supply.

Work is also underway to modernize the RST-430 device. The main reason is the need to maintain digital radio stations. All the possibilities for working with analog radio stations will be preserved, some functions will be added, the control of the device has been improved and made more convenient, a more modern element base will be applied. These changes are dictated by the need for this equipment.
- Vladimir Adamovich, how strong is the competition?
- As for the RST - 430, to my surprise, there are no competitors in Russia to date. There are foreign analogues, but they are much more expensive than our device.

It's hard to say about SVG - 5. There are devices with similar functions, with their own advantages and disadvantages, the technical approach to the solution was set noah task. We try to respond promptly to constantly emerging new requirements for the equipment of our class, we always listen to the requests and wishes of consumers of our products and strive to implement them in our devices. After all, the consumer determines the need for certain functions in measuring devices.
- What are your plans?
- Implement our plans in the upgraded RST-430 device, complete the development, certify and start producing a standing wave ratio meter. Implement the computing power of modern computers in the SVG-5 device. But not as an attachment to a computer, as some developers do, but as an independent device that includes the necessary capabilities of a computer. After all, the basis of the device is digital signal processing, and this, in combination with a powerful computing process, will allow not only to measure the signal, but also to carry out its processing according to a given algorithm and build measuring complexes without using a computer as additional equipment.